Master Crypto with my Exclusive Bootcamp

Join our 4-weeks intensive apprenticeship and get personal guidance to achieve crypto success.


Join our 4 week intensive online crypto apprenticeship, and transform your fi nancial future with this hand held programme!

"I created the bootcamp to provide maximum motivation and accountability. There is simply no way you can graduate from this 4 week programme and not be successful"

--Lee Markham

Studies show that only 20% of customers complete online courses. It’s no wonder they don’t get the results they seek!

This bootcamp is like nothing else - You will set up your wallets, exchanges and security with me, you will create your bespoke investment strategy and financial plan.

This programme is personal, it holds your hand, and you will graduate completely setup for success.


In this bootcamp you will:

  • Participate in 7 x 90 minute live (online) sessions with a small group of 5 others

  • Complete your budget and establish a regular investment amount

  • Build your crypto portfolio based on your budget, risk tolerance and goals

  • Create a bitcoin based pension using a dollar cost average technique, removing all emotion, and applying a disciplined strategy

  • Maximise security and keep your assets as safe as possible to prevent hacks, and scams

  • Learn to grow your assets and put them to work in various systems, rather than simply waiting for price appreciation

  • Introduce tax legislation, and techniques to mitigate it

  • Learn to research crypto coins and projects, break down the Tokenomics so that you can decipher than good and the bad

  • Advanced crypto: Learn how to operate in DeFi, purchase NFTs, interact with Smart Contracts and the future of web3

  • Receive continuous hands on support, throughout the entire process. You will also qualify got access to our exclusive private members community

You will Understand the Centralized Banking System

Gain insights into the operations and underlying challenges of the current banking system, along with its dark Secrets.

You will Transform Your Mindset

Develop a winning mindset necessary for success in the blockchain space and beyond.

You will Learn How to Position Yourself for the Future

Strategize to place yourself advantageously in the evolving blockchain and digital assets landscape.

You will Explore the Metaverse

Discover the potential of virtual worlds and how they're interconnected with blockchain technology.

You will Understand the Difference Between Crypto Coins vs. Tokens

Learn the differences between cryptocurrencies and tokens, including practical examples of their use.

You will Acquire Income and Asset Management Skills

Learn to manage your income and track your assets effectively.

You will Learn the Secret Sauce to Retire Early

Understand perpetual financial cycles that can lead to early retirement.

You will Learn How to Live with Crypto

Discover how to incorporate digital assets into your daily life for transactions and investments.

You will Enhance Your Financial Literacy

Learn the difference between assets and liabilities to make informed financial decisions.

You will Gain Knowledge of Smart Contracts

Understand how smart contracts work and their applications in automating agreements.

You will Get Introduced to NFTs

Gain a comprehensive understanding of Non-Fungible Tokens and their significance in the digital economy.

You will Gain Insight into Web 3.0

Understand the next evolution of the internet, powered by decentralized networks.

You will Acquire Knowledge on Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Discover how to leverage DeFi to become more financially independent and potentially your own bank.

You will Understand Blockchain Technology Fundamentals

Gain a simplified understanding of blockchain technology, its uses, and how it works.

You will Get Introduced to Cash Flow Systems

Learn about systems that can help in generating consistent cash flow.

You will Apply What You've Learned Through Homework

Solidify your understanding of course concepts through practical homework assignments.

Incredible Value

You will be surprised to learn that the Bootcamp is only £1299 per person. We only off er 5 spaces per intake, and 12 intakes per year! it really is exclusive!

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The Bootcamp 7 weeks Program

Session 1

o Personal introductions

o The importance of Mindset

o Assets and liabilities

o The fi at system

o What is cryptocurrency?

Session 2

o What is blockchain

o How transactions work

o Blockchain explorers (tracking and investigation)

Session 3

o Wallet/ exchange overview

o Setup various wallets and exchanges

o Security procedures for passwords and seed words

o Depositing, buying and selling crypto

o Sending and receiving crypto

Session 4

o Complete your household budget sheet (Homework after session 3)

o Create a custom investment plan based on the Dollar cost average strategy (Bitcoin pension)

o Using crypto in real life (debit cards, withdrawing to bank)

Session 5

o Researching coins and tokens: How to conduct your own research

o Tokenomics: what gives the token value and potential

o Spotting and avoiding scams

o Portfolio considerations: based on risk, timeline,

Session 6

o Crafting your portfolio together

o “Know your numbers” track your performance and set profi t targets

o Asset tracking software/ Tax rules and software

o Cold storage of assets (ultimate security)

Session 7

o Mastering DeFi

o MetaMask wallet

o Decentralised exchanges

o Overview: smart contracts, NFTs, Web3

After graduating, you will receive an official invitation to become a member of the elite FIRE Club

What people say about the teacher

Elena Mackey

"I’ve known Lee now nearly two years, and he has been a positive impact on my blockchain journey. His teaching approach is authentic, what you see is what you get. Lee uses practical examples, his discord radio sessions are interactive and the learning here is invaluable. His guidance on multiple projects have helped me massively and has provided me invaluable insight. His professionalism, depth of knowledge and expertise in the field of this industry in solid. Totally recommend Lee to anyone starting off in blockchain as he simplifies it so well even a 5 yr old will get it."


Julie Nolan

Lee has been excellent at educating me in the world of Crypto. I had no idea what it really was and what it was about. I have learned so much and bought some coins myself. Lee has taught me how to manage them and keep them safe. I am so excited about this and looking forward to learning more. I love Lees honest approach. Thank you so much.


Shalina Jagvani

Fantastic Education from Lee he not only educates from the heart he gives the right education and how to secure your crypto assets. I love his engagement with us students I'm a manifest student but he's also my favorite crypto educator and one day I'd like to call a friend. I will pursue his other offers with Bluegrass Training one day soon as well. His education is invaluable and he's building us for the future. His dad jokes are hilarious and he makes us chuckle as well which is nice... Your the man Lee ❤️


Hazel Wilson

Lee at Bluegrass Training is a down to earth guy who knows his stuff, the world of the Crypto jungle! He goes through each subject and dissects it. He has given me a realistic understanding and building on that every week with the help, guidance and hands on training.

If you truly want to understand the Crypto space then Bluegrass is the place to go


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